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For researchers (English): The Royal Danish Academy Research Database (Pure)

research.kglakademi.dk - Royal Danish Academy's Research Database

The Royal Danish Academy's Research Database (Pure) contains information on current research conducted at the Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation. The database content dates until 10-15 years back but most content is from recent years.

What is Pure?

Pure is a computer system designed for research registration. The Danish universities use Pure to keep track of and provide public access to their research output. Pure data is also examined for institutions' research evaluation and by funders.

Pure consists of two components: 1, the database backend where researchers or administrators enter research data and 2, a public web portal that displays the registered data so they become accessible for the public.

The Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation has a collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture and Kolding Design School around a shared Pure system. The three institutions display their research output on a shared portal: The Danish Portal for Scientific and Artistic Research in Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Our Pure data are automatically harvested by the Danish Research Database, a national service which collects data from all Danish universities and other Danish research institutions' archives to provide a common platform for Danish research.  

Why do you have to register your research output and artistic development work?

All researchers and artistic developers at the Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation are required to register their research output in Pure.

By registering, we can ensure public access to and the dissemination of knowledge about the Academy's research and artistic development work.

As a researcher/artistic developer, you can use Pure as

  • archive for your research/artistic publications
  • logbook with your research activities, awards, projects
  • data-pool from which you can export data to other services and online platforms
  • your virtual business card containing CV, contact information and research fields
  • a place to find collaborators across the three institutions

Artistic development work (KUV)

Pure as a system is designed to work well with the universities subject areas. Artistic developers at the Royal Danish Academy are required to register their artistic development work in Pure as well - and this is possible within the limitations of the system. Check out especially the research output categories listed under "Non-textual form" such as exhibitions, work etc.

What role does the library play with regard to research registration?

At the Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation, researchers and artistic developers register their research output in Pure  themselves. The library validates, i.e. quality assures these registrations before they are displayed on the public portal.

The process of validation includes the following steps:

  • we check that the most important fields are filled out
  • we check the registration for typos and spelling mistakes
  • we ensure that only peer-reviewed research output is registered as peer reviewed
  • we enrich registrations by adding links and open access files if we can find them

Moreover, the library delivers and quality checks annual data reports from Pure that are used in the Royal Academy's annual reports and provides management information concerning Pure data upon request.

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Pure is a complex system with many categories. We are happy to help you use the system in the best possible way for your registrations and your research profile.

Contact us at research@kglakademi.dk