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Søgetips - søgestrategi - hjælp til Katalog: English

Here you can find ideas for developing your own search strategy, generic search tips as well as concrete help with the KADK Library's online catalogue, bib.kadk.dk

Good to know when using bib.kglakademi.dk

Too few results?
--> Expand your search:

  • use *  to include varieties of endings:
    eg. sustainab* --> Sustainability and sustainable
  • use ? to replace a letter:
    eg. wom?n --> woman and women
  • use "OR" to include alternative search terms:
    eg. hus OR house

Too many search results?
--> refine your search:

  • filter results by date, language or place of publication
  • use "NOT" to exclude search terms
    eg. sustainability NOT climate
  • pick material type (eg. articles, graduation programmes...)

Search specifically:

  • use "AND" to combine two search terms:
    sustainability AND building
  • use citation marks to search for phrases
    eg. "Building engineering"


Search strategies

Your search for literature can be helped tremendously by a good search strategy.
As a general rule, it can make sense to start broad and narrow your search to become more and more specific.
You can use the following approaches:

Free-text searches / unsystematic searches ("quick-and-dirty")

  • Often the first search on the internet or in encyclopedias. very broad with few, common keywords
  • Provides a quick overview over related keywords (key concepts, terms, authors...) and subject databases for further research

Systematic searches

  • systematic probing of keywords in all relevant databases. Keywords e.g. found via free-text search (see above), include key concepts, terms, synonyms, alternative spelling, search keywords in other languages
  • combination of keywords via "AND", "OR" and "NOT" to expand or refine searches
  • filtering of search results, e.g. by time period, geography or source type (e.g. journal articles, newspaper entries...)
  • repetition of searches to include the newest sources added to searched databases

Search by citation (Chain search)

  • use one source's bibliography/list of references to find your next source
  • bear in mind: the longer your search chain, the older the source at the end of the chain

Ask a librarian

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you with your search:

Phone: 41 70 17 00
Mail: bibliotek@kadk.dk