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Design: Designtidsskrifter

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Design Science. An International Journal


The aim of Design Science is to serve as the archival venue of science-based design knowledge across multiple disciplines. There is increasing recognition that design is a discipline in its own right with a holistic and multifaceted nature. Design knowledge is widely dispersed across fields with different terminologies, traditions and research practices. Rigorous design research is published primarily in discipline-oriented journals, most often inaccessible to wider audiences interested in design but without the requisite disciplinary depth.

She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation

                                                                 From Single Creation to System Construction: 40 Years of Chinese Design and  New Opportunities - Interviews - Opinions - CAFA ART INFO | Find Chinese  Contemporary Art and News

Shi Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation is a peer-reviewed, trans-disciplinary design journal with a focus on economics and innovation, design process and design thinking. She Ji is fully open access.

Design Philosophy Papers

                           Design Philosophy Papers: Vol 15, No 2
Design Philosophy Papers (DPP) was a refereed online journal published between 2003 and 2017 aiming to advance critical thinking on design and the-world-as-designed. Here you have a complete list of DPPs issues and articles:
Design Philosophy Papers Archive

The Plan Journal

THE PLAN Journal (TPJ) intends to disseminate and promote innovative, thought-provoking and relevant research, studies and criticism in architecture and urbanism. The idea to launch the TPJ was born out of the realizations that academia is too often conducting research disengaged from the challenges and problems confronted in the professions and that in practice research can be afforded, with limited platforms for dissemination, only in a small number of cases of professional organizations.

Homepage | The Plan Journal



Artifact is focused on practice-based design research and aims to explore conditions, issues and tasks pertaining to design development in a broad sense. The journal is cross-disciplinary in scope and thus welcomes contributions from all design disciplines, including product design and graphic communication, IT and service design as well as organization design and design management.

Journal of Human-Technology Relations

Journal of Human-Technology Relations is launched - 4TU

Journal of Human-Technologies Relations: Technologies have come to play a central role in human lives and societies. They help to shape how humans are born and die, learn and live, behave and are being treated, work and relax, have families and friendships, have power and are overpowered, build societies and engage in politics. Studying human-technology relations, therefore, requires a wide range of academic disciplines and subdisciplines in the humanities and the social sciences, ranging from Philosophy of Technology to Design Research, from Human-Computer Interaction to Science and Technology Studies, from Ethics to Metaphysics, and from Political Theory to Responsible Research and Innovation, and Artistic Research.

New East Digital Archive

       Preserving contemporary culture — New East Digital Archive

The New East Digital Archive was created to preserve the legacy of The Calvert Journal: an online publication covering culture, innovation, photography and travel across the “New East” — an area which included Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Central Asia — between 2013 and 2022.

Other online/free design journals


Dialectic is an open access scholarly journal of thought leadership, education and practice in the discipline of visual communication design.

Image & Text

Image & Text has been published annually since 1992 (primarily as a journal for design) and was accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training in 1997. Since 2011, it has been repositioned as a multi- and interdisciplinary journal that orbits around the nexus of visual culture and appears twice annually. The aim of the journal is to draw perspectives from a broad field of interests and subjects: visual anthropology, material culture, visual arts, design culture, visualising sciences and technologies, art history, philosophy, fashion, media and film studies, architecture, literary studies, tourism studies, new media and cyber theory, and so forth.


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