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How to: Search tips

Tips for searching the library database


  • Combine, expand, or limit your search through the operators AND, OR, NOT. Please remember to write the operators with capital letters.
  • You can combine more search words with AND, but you do not have to, as the system automatically perceives a space between search words as AND.
  • Use * as a wildcard character to search for variants of a word, for instance creativ* (creative, creativity, creativeness, etc.)
  • Use ? as a wildcard to replace a single letter, for instance wom?n (woman and women).
  • Use (...) parenthesis to group query words, eg.design AND (sustainability OR ecology).
  • Use "..." quotation marks, if you want to search for a compound term, for instance "global warming".
  • Use the filtering features after the search to limit for type of material, author, subject, year, library, etc. You find the filter options to the left of the results list - or at the bottom of the screen, if you use a telephone or tablet.
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